I wanted to...

1) recycle the shitshow of single-use plastic that's choking our coastlines and seas.
2) make a statement in my print designs.
I have a real job, one that requires a clear caffeinated mind, shoes… and a bra.
When I’m not at it, I’m at or in the sea. 
I live on an island; its shores are a stone’s throw from my door. I can see it glistening from my desk. After work and on the weekends, I go to peek into the lives of tide pool creatures, to pet sea slugs. I go to swim out and wait for the Jeju dolphins. I go to watch the Heanyeo work. I go to just float around and look. I sunsoak on its sandy shores and run my dogs there. 
I wanted better water wear. Swimwear that fits well, that reliably and comfortably stays put, and that protects my super sunkissed décolletage from (more!) sun damage. So I created it, and in doing so, I also created little, one-woman-two-corgi company called Tu Tiki.
Tu Tiki SUPcycled is all the things I wanted and more… More?!?
Tu Tiki SUPcycled serves as a vacuum for the single-use plastic (SUP) trash found all over our beautiful beaches. 
Tu Tiki SUPcycled swimwear is made of recycled single-use plastic and its designs represent its origins. My current favorite design is called Jugs which features single-use plastic water jugs. There is a design of a plastic-littered beach, of plastic straws, of microplastics. The designs showcase the issue at hand and one interim solution, recycling the single-use plastic trash into something that lasts for many, many, many uses. The fabric is super soft with a wonderful elasticity to provide comfortable compression. It resists snags and bags and fading to live a life well beyond its original “single-use”. 
Additionally, the bikini top doubles as a sports bralette, perfect for yoga and the myriad of other energizing activities that require some compression support.  The sun protection top is also perfect for non-swimming activities, including just looking foxy and fantastic when you’re out and about.
I love this new line and find it useful for my lifestyle. I know many of you, and I designed it with your active, eco-conscious needs in mind. I hope you get as much joy out of life while wearing SUPcycled as I have.  Here’s to summer and an adventurous, curious life. Lots of love to you all. Tatiana 

1. Single-Use-Plastic (SUP) recycling 

2. SHIMA SEIKI knitting machines 

Shima Seiki's business philosophy: "We strive to become an indispensable company to society through sustainable business development.  We do this under the mantra of "Ever onward with love, creativity, and passion". 



3. Oeko-Tex certified COLOR

Our Mimaki dyes are Oeko-Tex™ certified, vegan, water-based and  plastisol-free. Our water-based inks deliver brilliant, precise, durable color while ensuring clean, sustainable processes, meeting the most rigorous industry standards for quality and sustainability.

4. ZÜND Swiss Cutting System

Intelligent software tools ensure the highest possible efficiency, maximizing material yield and reducing waste to an absolute minimum.

5. JUKI Specialized Sewing Machines

JUKI'S official business philosophy: "The men and women of JUKI work hand in hand to spread happiness and enrich society."


6. Low Impact Packaging

Minimal packaging made from compostable cassava starch or post-consumer recycled/recycle-able plastic.